Submission guidelines

Our door is open for all and we are always interested in hearing from new writers.  We prefer publishing original and unpublished pieces. In case of opinion/commentary pieces and research work, we do republish considering merits of the writings.  However, readers and viewers have a choice to translate the website to their preferred languages thought translators. We publish only in English language.

What we Published

Opinion, detailed report, views, reviews, interviews, profiles, stories related Northeast and neighborhood on social, political and cultural issues. We do not publish news, except on some rare occasions.

Pitch First

We invite writers to pitch ideas to us before sending a final copy. Pitches can be around 200 words and should include a title. The writer is encouraged to send links (not more than two) of their previously published articles or writing samples (if any).  

Word Limits

We being an online platform prefer shorter write-ups, mostly between 600 to 800 words, with some exceptions for detailed reports etc. Below are the word limits for various sections.

For Opinion piece: 600 to 800 words

Book review: 600 to 800 words

Interviews: 800 to 1500 words

Reports: 1000 to 1500 words

Commentary: 1000 to 1500 words

Special story: 1500-2000

Change Maker/ profile: 1000-1500

Research Paper: 2000-3000


Send your articles in word Documents. PDF and other formata are not accepted.


Copyright of the published article remains both with Northeast Opinion and the writer  unless otherwise agreed.

Have patience

We try to response at earliest once receive a piece or a pitch. However, being a small team, we may take time to response in some occasions. All pitches and submissions made to Northeast Opinion are considered by the editorial team, and are read by more than one editor.

We also request writers to avoid sending their pieces  to multiple places as it creates confusion for us whether  to process a particular piece or not.

Kindly note that being a voluntary platform at present, we are not in a position to make payments for writings.

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