North East Opinion is an opinion based online platform which aims to bridge the gap between academia  and journalism to communicate knowledge and information to common readers. As the name suggests, our prime focus is the Northeastern region of India, both official and non official. However, we strongly believe that within marginalized there are other marginalized sections in the society who need more attention. Hence, we  try to bring out voices of the unrepresented section within Northeast India.

What we Published

Opinion, detailed report, views, reviews, interviews, profiles, stories related Northeast and neighborhood on social, political and cultural issues. We do not publish news, except on some rare occasions.

How do we work

North East Opinion is run by a small team who work voluntarily to encourage honest journalism in the region.  We do not have in house staff writers and we largely rely on outside contributors. We are not a correspondence and reporter based news portal.

How to contact us:

For general inquiry and any kind of communication mail us at: contact@northeastopinion.in

For submission of article write to mumeninaz@northeastopinion.in

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