Colonel from Assam skips Eid Namaz to perform rituals of colleague who succumbed to COVID-19

As the second wave of Covid 19 has wreaked havoc on humanity, it also needs to be understood that the virus does not recognise one on the basis of religion, caste, creed or gender.

India, the world’s largest democracy with its foundation based on ‘unity in diversity’ has witnessed differences in varied forms. While there are a lot with vested interests who tend to escalate the differences there are people who with their simple gesture gave a strong boost to the very foundation upon which the country stands.

The essence of this strong foundation is displayed by the Indian Army whose camaraderie and brotherhood as you may call it, is at the helm of their spirit.

One such example of hope and resilience was depicted by Colonel Razzaque Khan, commanding officer of his unit who chooses to perform the last rites of his colleague, while skipping his Eid Namaz.


Col. Razzaque who originally belongs to Assam took the onus to perform hawan (a ritual of sacred oblations) for the Junior Commissioned Officer of his unit who lost his life to the deadly virus.

This act of Col. Razzaque exemplifies the ethos of discipline and secularism that the Indian Army maintains in its service towards the nation.

The incident came to the fore when a Twitter user by the name InsightGL shared a picture of Col. Razzaque performing hawan, he was accompanied by a priest.

Meanwhile, netizens are in praise for Col Razzaque, while some are appreciating him for upholding the idea of togetherness, some asserted that it’s a standard practise in the Army to respect all religions and co-exist peacefully.  Some further commented that it’s a common practice in Army and religion doesn’t come in the way of regimental obligation.

The Indian Army is a fusion of diverse cultures, philosophies and traditions that continue to be the bedrock of the attitude and behaviour of the Indian soldier that teaches him how to live and behave in peace and how to fight and die for the nation.

Col Razzaque with his selfless service shows the way.

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