EC Moves Madras HC to Restrain Media from Reporting Judges’ Oral Observations

Following the remark made by the Madras High Court on the Election Commission, the latter has moved the HC urging the Court to restrict the media from reporting on oral observations.

In the wake of the second wave of Covid-19, the Madras High Court held the EC responsible for the Covid situation in the country and lashed out at the Commission by stating that it is ‘singularly’ responsible for the spread. The court called EC the “the most irresponsible institution” and even said its officials may be booked under murder charges.

The EC allowing political parties to take out rallies and meetings had led to the spread of the pandemic, the court said.

In line with the remarks made by the HC, the EC expressed its disappointment over the media representation of the Madras High Court’s oral observations and has urged the Court to set out directions for the media to confine their reports to ‘observations recorded in orders or judgments’ and to refrain from reporting on oral observations made during court proceedings, reported LiveLaw.  

In its petition, the EC asserted it was disappointed with the media reports of the Madras High Court’s oral observations that it is ‘the most irresponsible institution and singularly’ responsible for the spread’. “These reports have tarnished the image of the Election Commission of India as an independent constitutional agency that is entrusted with the constitutional responsibility of conducting elections,” the poll panel’s petition read.

The ECI has gone on to contend that no one must be permitted to report on the proceedings of this Court that are not borne out by the record, especially when the detailed order is made available by the Court the same day.

The Election Commission has told the Madras High Court that political leaders have failed to discharge their duties.

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