Bhopal man turns rickshaw into ambulance to help coronavirus patients

As the nation is grappling with the second wave of Covid-19, an auto rickshaw driver from Bhopal is setting an example by lending a helping hand to those in need during these trying times.

Javed Khan a rickshaw driver from Bhopal has converted his three-wheeler into an ambulance for helping coronavirus patients, and that too, free of charge.

Following the second wave, people have been running from pillar to post in a bid to save their loved ones from the clutches of the deadly virus. Shortage of oxygen or unavailability of beds in the hospital at times of need, the situation has been quite grim in the country.

Appalled at the prevailing situation, Javed decided to do something with the meager resources he has.

“I saw on social media & news channels how people were being carried to hospitals due to the shortage of ambulance. So I thought of doing this,” Javed told media.

Javed modified his own auto-rickshaw as an ambulance. Within the confined space of the rickshaw, he placed an oxygen cylinder and other necessary items like medicines and sanitizers. The special thing is that he serves is a free of cost service.

As reported by The Times of India, within three days Javed has helped 10 people who were in dire need to reach hospital.

“I have been driving autos for 18 years. Though no one has been infected in my family, I was very disturbed by the rising death toll and wanted to do something about it with the resources I have. I have put sanitisers, some medicines, and an oxygen cylinder,” Javed told TOI.

Javed queues up for 4-5 hours a day at the refill center to get his oxygen cylinders filled. Javed, who has been rendering his service for the last 15 to 20 days spends Rs 600 on the oxygen cylinders.

Javed’s wife also supported his noble initiative and gave up her jewellery to manage the expenses.

“I sold my wife’s jewellery for this. I queue up outside a refill centre & get oxygen. My contact number is available on social media. People can call me up if there’s no ambulance. I’ve been doing this for 15-20 days now & have taken 9 serious patients to hospital,” said Javed.

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