Assam Election: Not only about winning, but also about buying

Arup Jyoti Das

The final phase of Assam Assembly Election 2021 was over on April 6 which was the last polling date. With that, all the stakeholders got busy predicting and calculating possible results of the election. While both Mitrojot (BJP led alliance) and Mahajot (Congress-led alliance) are hopeful to form Government this time in Assam, the two newly formed regional parties i.e. Asom Jatiyo Parishad (AJP) and Raijor Dol have been not so vocal about their winning possibilities.

Interestingly, in the post poll scenario, BJP’s much talked about mission 100+ seems to be getting a little bit blurred as their own stakeholders are no more vocal about the claim. The claim has now come down to 90 seats out of 126 constituencies or less as reported by the Media. However, with the news of horse-trading around the corner in the last few days, one may believe that the mission 100+ was never a false claim by BJP. Let’s understand it this way- BJP might not have talked about winning more than 100 seats on its own but was most probably talking about bringing MLAs from opposition parties into its fold once the election is over to form the government. The changing of the party by candidates or by MLA or other public representatives has become the new normal in the recent time under BJP influenced electoral politics. The so-called horse-trading seems already functioning in this election on various levels. One might remember how Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) candidate Rangja Khungur Basumatary who was contesting from the Tamulpur constituency joined the BJP in the middle of the ongoing polls.

Interesting news are surfacing as the election result is approaching.  To prevent possible horse-trading by the BJP,  Mahajot had flown out 20 candidates – 18 from the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) and two from the Congress to Congress ruled Rajasthan in a chartered plane, reports media. In the same way, Bodoland People’s Front (BPF), also part of Mahajot has shifted 10 of its 11 candidates overseas. The only BPF candidate to remain in Assam is Minister and veteran politician Pramila Rani Brahma.

Elections are no more about voting by common citizens to celebrate the democratic values of our country, it’s no more about winning it honestly for a particular political ideology of a political party. Nowadays it is more about personal greed whether monetary or power. A common voter who casts his/her vote for a particular candidate because of a particular political ideology, can’t be sure whether his candidate is going to respect that political values or not. At the end, it seems it’s power and money. One can fear that if due to the influence of high-profile politicians, common voters get corrupt, democracy will lose its core significance.  Nowadays election seems not only about winning, but also about buying.

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