First Woman President Elected in a Naga tribal clan

In what could be termed as a breaking the glass ceiling moment, Khrienuo Metha has been elected as the President of the Metha Thinuo Krotho Dimapur, a traditional institution of the Metha clan.

Khrienuo went on to become the first female president of the district unit of the Naga tribal clan. She was elected as its president on January 29.

Largely a patriarchal society in Nagaland, the election of the Khrienuo as the head of the clan unit sends out a strong message on the cultural thought process in a male-dominated society.

Khrienuo is a retired bureaucrat who headed various departments in Nagaland in the past. She was the first Nagaland Civil Service, NCS woman officer from Nagaland to be appointed as the Deputy Commissioner in 2009, serving in Peren. She also held the position of Commissioner and Secretary to the Government of Nagaland, before she retired in 2017.

But the fact that a tribal clan decided to make a woman their leader is highly exceptional. Like most tribal organisations in the State, the civil society organisation has never had a woman president prior to this with only male members dominating the key positions.

A lot of appreciation from across all sections of the society irrespective of men and women or tribe, has poured in for this path-breaking development.

Advisor to Chief Minister, Abu Metha termed this as a “landmark” while congratulating the newly elected president.

“The Metha Thinuo Krotho Dimapur  ( a traditional institution of the Metha clan ) has elected Mrs. Khrienuo Metha as it’s President …. this is perhaps a first of its kind (would love to hear otherwise and be corrected) where a Naga traditional institution has elected a woman as its elected head … congratulations to her,” Abu Metha wrote on his Facebook post.

Calling it a breaking the glass ceiling moment he said that women in leadership roles will only do good for the society. “I am also so proud of my clan members for this inspirational decision … and best wishes to Madam President for a successful tenure … Go Girl !!! Show them how it’s done !! … we will be your soldiers,” he added.

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